Ways to Serve

Looking for a way to serve God and the community?
Here are service ideas from A to Z!
A. Acolyte
B. Bible Study leader or participant
C. Computer, Camera or Projector operator
D. Donor of time or money
E. Easter Egg Maker
F. Fellowship facilitator
G. Gift card purchaser, in support of mission projects
H. Hug and Smile provider
I. Inspiration for others
J. Janitor-for-a-day in the church
K. Kitchen support at events
L. Lawnmower or gardener
M. Musician
N. Note-writer
O. Office assistant
P. Prayer support
Q. Quester for God’s will
R. Reader/Liturgist for worship
S. Sew for Peace participant
T. Teacher for Sunday School
U. Unexpected joy or comfort for others
V. Volunteer for mission project
W. Website or Social Media contributor
X. Xactly what God calls you to be!
Y. Your best for Jesus
Z. Zealot for God’s Love